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Our goal is to be the world’s leading egg donation program

With a safety first approach to your care, the utmost convenience, and unmatched technology; we believe there is no better place to donate your eggs.

Why Donate?


Generous Compensation and so much more!

Our donors are generously compensated for their time. They also receive a free medical exam, free fertility preservation after the 3rd egg donation and so much more.

Our egg donor benefits


The Egg Donation Journey

We strive to have more frozen egg donation experience than any other clinic in the world. We have used this experience to streamline your treatment & care. Our anonymous egg donor program can now be completed in as little as 2 months.

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What Our Egg Donors Say

Many of our donors have a great experience donating there eggs. Here are just some of the things they say…

The level of care is so high and the donor team made me feel like family. I would donate again in a heartbeat!
Egg Donor, My Egg Bank
There is nothing I can think of that would have made my experience any better. It was awesome!
Egg Donor, My Egg Bank
The program is truly wonderful. I couldn’t have picked a better place. Thank you all. There isn’t anything I would change.
Egg Donor, My Egg Bank
In all honesty, the money was what caught my eye. Once I realized that I was changing the life of someone who is using My Egg Bank as a last resort to start a family, my reason completely changed.
Egg Donor, My Egg Bank
Satisfied would be an understatement. Every single person who worked with me went above and beyond. I truly feel like I was appreciated. I most definitely plan on donating again. Words can’t describe the feeling of knowing how I’ve potentially changed a family’s life forever.
Egg Donor, My Egg Bank

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